Real Estate Question

 “As An Owner, How Do I Make The Decision To Sell Or Rent My Property?” Question By C.Y
Answer: There Are Many Factors That Will Determine If It’s Best For You To Sell Or Rent. Here Are A Couple To Assist. 1) Consult A Realtor On The Current Market Value Of Your Home, Is The Amount More Or Less Than You Owe On Your Mortgage? 2) Consult A Property Manager On…
What Your Property Would Realistically Rent For, Is The Potential Rental Income Sufficient To Cover Your Monthly Mortgage Payment? If You Are Leaning More To Selling, Have Your Realtor Provide You With A Sellers Proceed Worksheet, This Will Give You A Financial Snapshot To Determine If Your Can Afford To Sell. If You Are Leaning More To Renting, Compare The Pros & Cons Of Managing The Property Yourself Or Contracting A Property Management Company. For More Information On Selling Verse Renting Please Call 850-877-2692